The JJ Bennett Series

 Book 1: The Rise of the K-CIA   

JJ Bennett has never been shot at by Russian spies, broken into a thousand-year-old crypt, or dangled by a single piece of rope two hundred feet in the air. But all that is about to change.

Jeremiah Junior, aka JJ, was an ordinary boy who grew up believing his father was a boring computer tech for the US Government. After the death of his grandma, JJ begins traveling with his dad and soon figures out that his dad actually does some kind of spy work for the CIA. After arriving in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, JJ and his new best friend Maggie discover the real problem behind the CIA’s troubles in Prague –a secret organization of kid spies known as the P-KGB, bent on destroying the United States. After a chance encounter with Ivana, a pretty blonde Russian spy, JJ uncovers evidence revealing the existence of a dangerous CIA formula, stolen back in the 1950s and hidden throughout the city of Prague. With the Russians hot on his trail, JJ and Maggie must unravel the mysterious clues left by an American defector and locate the hidden pages of the formula to save the world from annihilation.


Book 2: The Secret of the Alien Tribute

After an uneventful month in Paris, K-CIA agents JJ and Maggie think their troubles in the spy world are over. Their first night in Geneva, Switzerland proves them wrong. Not only do they discover two Russian P-KGB kid spies staying at their hotel, but they encounter something even the two of them had not thought possible—UFOs!

Deciding to put their extra-terrestrial experience on hold, the two twelve-year-olds focus their attention on the Russian spy kids and discover a complicated gold smuggling operation involving not just the P-KGB spies, but also the Russian mob and a most unlikely group of smugglers, the alien spaceships.

Confused about this bizarre alliance, JJ and Maggie team up with a new member of the K-CIA, and the three kids determine to put a stop to the illegal activity. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, things become increasingly complicated and dangerous in this second installment of the JJ Bennett: Junior Spy series.


Book 3: Mission in Berlin


After twelve-year-old JJ Bennett lands at the airport in Berlin, he’s sure something is wrong. His secret organization of kid spies, the K-CIA, hasn’t had to deal with any problems in a while. When his best friend Maggie convinces him they should relax and go to the movies with their new friend William, JJ finally decides he’s been stressing for nothing and everything is fine.

He is wrong.

The trio is kidnapped by the evil Russian spy group, the P-KGB, and JJ discovers the Russians are in town looking for something hidden in the city, something they claim could throw the entire world into chaos. Determined to keep the enemy from succeeding, the kids escape and attempt to figure out the location of the mysterious hidden item. But as the search takes them to sites all around Berlin, they soon discover that the missing object is far more dangerous than they originally thought. With the Russians closing in on them, the three friends must unravel a series of clues to keep the P-KGB spies from completing their mission—the assassination of the world’s most powerful leaders.