The JJ Bennett Series

Book 1    Problems in Prague

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JJ Bennett has never dodged bullets from Russian spies. He’s never broken into a He’s never dangled by a piece of rope two hundred feet in the air.

But all that is about to change.


Book 2     Jeopardy in Geneva

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Soon after arriving in Geneva, Switzerland, K-CIA agents JJ and Maggie discover a gold smuggling operation involving not only P-KGB spies, but also the Russian mob and a most unlikely group of smugglers–alien spaceships!

Confused about this bizarre alliance, JJ and Maggie recruit a new member to the K-CIA, and the three kids determine to put a stop to the illegal activity. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, things become increasingly complicated and dangerous in this second installment of the JJ Bennett: Junior Spy series.


Book 3     Bedlam in Berlin (coming June 2018)

Book 4     Danger in Dublin (coming November 2018)

Book 5     Last Stand in London (coming Spring 2019)