Other Published Works

Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror is an anthology of stories that will scare your boots off. Unless, of course, you aren’t wearing boots, in which case…watch your feet! My short story, Number Thirty-Six, was fortunate enough to be included in this compilation of scariness. Read it–if you dare.


Supernatural Detectives follows two amateur brother detectives as they try to discover the secret behind a haunted rock. Yes, a rock. Why would anyone haunt a rock? Read the story, discover the answer.


Patchwork Path: Treasure Box is a beautiful anthology about those special objects that bring back memories we never want to lose. My story, Green Garden Hose, is a unique memory of my Grandfather, a memory I decided to share with the world.


Writer’s Bloc III is a very special anthology. All the talented authors in it are members of the Henderson Writers Group. My story, Murder at Hadbury Manor, was my very first published story. Needless to say, this anthology holds a very dear place in my heart.