The Decoders Series


Book 1: The Magic Sapphire      

Steve, Matt, and Jenny always dreamed of being detectives. One day, the twelve-year-olds’ dream becomes reality when they discover an ancient treasure map written by a pirate named Elias Darby over three hundred years ago. According to legend, the pirate hid a magical stone with only a poem titled “El Alma de Dios” as the key to locating it.

As the trio happily begins the search for the treasure, they unknowingly attract the attention of an international jewel thief named Frank Alexander and his two rather large henchmen. As the investigation leads the three friends to a string of hidden caves filled with booby-traps, they are confronted by the jewel thief who comes up with his own plan to force the kids to find the stone and give it to him. The detectives must brave the dangerous traps to discover the hidden treasure while at the same time try to figure out how to out-smart the jewel thief.


Book 2: The Secret of the Lady Ghost

Steve, Matt, and Jenny thought their detective skills would be given a rest when they agreed to be extras for a movie. Upon arriving at the movie site, the trio learns that someone has been breaking equipment and causing damage around the set. Determined to find the saboteur, the young detectives begin their investigation only to come face to face with the last thing in the world they expected—a ghost!


Book 3: The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire     

Twelve-year-old detectives Steve, Matt, and Jenny agree to help their friend Tyrone with a unique problem –his niece thinks she’s a vampire. Believing the girl simply has an over-active imagination, the trio spends the night at her home, determined to ease her worried mind. But when the young girl vanishes and a bat turns up in her place, the three friends find themselves facing something they never thought possible –a real vampire!


Book 4: The Secret of the Mysterious Music Box  

Steve, Matt, and Jenny thought their new case would be a cinch. They were wrong.

What starts out as a simple search for a stolen music box, quickly turns into a dangerous hunt when the three detectives discover that the dark and mysterious history of the music box could lead them to a long-lost missing fortune from World War II.

As the twelve-year-olds delve deeper into the mystery, they encounter two separate treasure hunters, both willing to do anything to get their hands on the missing gold, including eliminating the competition. Racing against time, the trio must figure out the clue left behind by a dying old man in order to keep the music box, and the treasure, out of the hands of the Neo-Nazis.


Book 5: The Haunted Statue      

When twelve-year-old detectives Steve, Matt, and Jenny learn about a long-lost Egyptian statue hidden somewhere near the city of Beachdale, they jump at the chance of solving another mystery. But, as their investigation deepens, they learn a couple of very disturbing details: first, the statue is supposedly haunted; and second, two rather large gun-toting foreigners are also interested in the treasure.

Determined to find the statue, the trio delves deeper into the mystery, encountering a web of danger unlike anything they have ever seen. The detectives brave catacombs, underwater caverns, and booby-trapped tunnels, until finally, they begin to unravel the secrets behind the haunted statue. But, as the foreigners close in on them, the three friends must figure out how to retrieve the Egyptian treasure and out-smart their enemies in this fifth exciting installment of the Decoders series.