Free,Free, Free!!!

Hey, all!

Woo HOO! The Decoders in The Magic Sapphire is now permanently free on all channels…iBooks, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, etc, etc, etc. FREE!!! :)

I think this calls for a crazy law.

Once upon a time in history…

In Tennessee, it is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.

Awwwww. But, that sounds like so much FUN! If I lived in Tennessee, I would sooo go up to Kentucky and lasso a fish. Just to spite the lawmakers. Then, I’d take a picture of me doing it and publish it in the newspaper. Ha! That’s sticking it to the man!

Anyway…..Well, the weather here in Vegas is storming. Thunder and rain. Typical for Vegas this time of year. (and only this time of year) We get most of our annual rainfall in July.

This weather is perfect for writing. And ice cream. So, basically, this weather is perfect for downing a giant chocolate sundae while plotting an untimely demise. Bwahahaha.

Started Book 3 in the JJ Bennett series AND book 4 in the Decoders series. Yeah. they both have a LONG way to go. *sigh* No worries. We’ll get there.

I see an iced white chocolate mocha in my future.

Enjoy the day! Adieu!

I hate humidity

Seriously…how do you people live in humidity?? Ugh! I find it awful…and…awful. Went to Houston for a few days. Sooooo humid. Rained while I was at the zoo. Perfect. MORE humidity. Ack. Then, went to Atlanta for a few days. ALSO humid, although not as bad. But still. How do you guys do it?

On the bright side, I had no allergies while I was in the humidity and my skin felt good.

But…so not worth it. Give me the arid desert any day. Every day.

Okay…enough ranting.

Good news! The Magic Sapphire is now FREE, completely free, on iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. Working on Barnes and Noble and Kindle. But, they, too, shall soon be free. This will be permanent…a great way for everyone and anyone to sample my work.

Speaking of work…did I mention that I love summer? I love summer. I love sleeping in.

*sigh* Alright. I guess I should get motivated and do some writing. I’ve got about 600 words done in the new Decoders book and about 1200 on the new JJ Bennett book. LOOONNGG way to go.

Until next time….Ciao!

God bless the USA!! Happy 4th!

Hi all!

Happy independence day! I hope all my American friends have a wonderful day, enjoying the freedoms that come with living in this great country.

As you do, please be careful tonight. If shooting off fireworks, please be mindful of little ones. If partaking in intoxicating beverages, please leave the driving to others.

No crazy law, but how about an awesome joke?

Why are there no knock knock jokes about America?………CUZ FREEDOM RINGS.

Happy birthday, USA!

It’s ready!! It’s ready! woot woot

Hey everyone!

It’s ready! Hoorah! Book 2 in the JJ Bennett series is finally up and available. I know, it’s been forever since book 1, but…hopefully, it’s worth it. :)

On a completely random and unrelated note, USA plays Germany today. I am amazed by how many people have taken an interest in the World Cup this year. I’m glad. I know some people take offense to the people who are rooting for USA even though they don’t understand the game or ever watch soccer. But, I am exactly the opposite. The way I see it, anything that brings Americans together in patriotism is a great thing. So…GO USA!!!

Okay…back to my book. haha The Secret of the Alien Tribute is available now on both Kindle and Nook, and will be available on iBooks and Kobo by next week.

Also…book 3 in the Decoders series, The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire, has recently been added to Nook, Kobo, and IBooks as well. So, lots of places for y’all to find my books. And, of course, you old schoolers who still like the paper book vs the e-book, they are all available in paperback form as well through Amazon. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. :)

Well…time to check out the soccer game. Until next time…USA! USA!

Summer colds are stupid.

Hi all!

I am in the recovery mode from a ridiculous summer cold. Seriously, who gets a chest cold in the summer? Crazy people, that’s who. Ugh.

On a better note *cough* (excuse me), the second book in the JJ Bennett series will be available soon…as in, by the middle of the week! I will, of course, post when it becomes available. *cough, cough* ugh

Colds should be illegal. Or, perhaps, a punishment for crimes committed against the government. Forget the FBI warning at the beginning of DVDs. Instead, violators will be given a cold, the virus will transcend through the TV and into your bodies as punishments for movie piracy. Ha! That would solve problem immediately. I should post that on the FBI’ twitter account.

Well, as crazy as this is, I am tired. Rest awaits. Until next time…Ciao.

School’s almost out!


Four days till freedom and I cannot wait. I’m pretty sure I am more excited than the students. :)

And, even more exciting…if that’s possible…I am preparing to send Book 2 of the JJ Bennett series to my editor. Woo HOO! That means that in less that a month I will have the second book out and available to the public. Finally. I know, I know…it’s taken forever. Sorry. I’ll try to do better next time. ;)

I posted this crazy law in school the other day and realized that if it were the law today, in our state, most of the teachers at my school would probably be in jail. lol

Once upon a time in history….

In Colorado, it is against the law to be broke.

That’s hilarious. And sad.

Until next time…Adieu.



Hi all!

So…I just bought tickets to go see the musical Wicked! I am totally excited. Everyone says it’s awesome, and I am finally going in October to join the crowd and see it. Yay!

Weather in Vegas is warming up like crazy. Upper 90s to 100 degrees. Whew. Got hot pretty fast around here. But, I’m not complaining. I like it hot! That means it’s swimming pool time. Woo HOO!

Once upon a time in history…

In Arizona, if you commit a misdemeanor while wearing a red mask, it is considered a felony.

I had that on the board and one of my kids asked if that was passed during the Red Scare. *sniff* So proud. My students remember history. So all those hours of lectures did not fall on deaf ears.

Speaking of ears, (I know, a really random transition), here’s a good article for my writer friends out there on how to market your audiobooks. I haven’t tried the whole audiobooks thing, but I hear it’s a growing market.

I’m in editing mode right now. I’m hoping to finish editing book 2 of the JJ Bennett: Junior Spy series by the end of May, so I can get it to my beta readers and editor in early June for a late June release. That’s the plan, anyway. we’ll see.

Well, I’m off to enjoy the warm weather. Until next time. Adios, amigos!

I’m Baaaaack!

Hi all!

Sorry about the month-long hiatus, but I have been crazy busy. First, there was Spring Break, a very busy time for teachers near and far. Then, the Las Vegas Writers’ Conference was the following weekend. That was amazing, btw. My head became so full of information I thought it was going to explode! Eww.

Then, I’ve spent pretty much every available minute reformatting my first two books in the Decoders series getting them ready for their new markets. And…I am happy to report that The Magic Sapphire and The Secret of the Lady Ghost are now both available on Nook and Smashwords, and, by the end of the week, they shall be available on Kobo and iBooks as well. Hooray!!! Of course, they are still available on Kindle and in paperback form at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

Links, you ask? Of course, my darlings. here we go…

The Magic Sapphire on Nook or Smashwords or Kindle

The Secret of the Lady Ghost on Nook by B&N or Smashwords1 or the mighty Zon

Okay, how about a crazy law to get you through till my next post?

Once upon a time in history…

In Trenton, New Jersey, it is against the law to throw a bad pickle in the street.

So, what exactly happened that warranted this becoming an actual law? And why only “bad” pickles? Were people just randomly throwing pickles they didn’t want to eat into the street? Was it smelling up the town? Were horses stopping in the middle of the road to eat these pickles? I just don’t know, but it would be interesting to find out.

Until next time, eat much chocolate. Ciao.

Sleepwalking Vampire now in paperback!

Howdy all!

Great news! The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire is now available in paperback. Hoot Hoot! It can be ordered online at or at

Or, if you prefer, it can also be downloaded to your Kindle or Kindle app from here

Ah…Spring is upon us. Granted, the weather’s been a bit odd. I was in Washington, DC, last week and it was soooo cold. I left Vegas and it was 75 degrees. I get to Washington, and it’s like 30 degrees and snowing. It was supposed to be cherry blossom time!! :(   Then, I come back to Vegas, and the weather drops here to like a high of 61, windy, and overcast. Is it me? Am I dragging a dark cloud of gloom around with me? Oh dear. That must be taken care of. Perhaps a nice Caramel Flan Frappuccino will solve it. Yes…yes, I believe that is the solution.

The Las Vegas Writers’ Conference is quickly approaching and I am excited for the opportunity to learn and mingle with some amazing authors, editors, and publishers. It is always a great time. I get energized every year. If you’ve ever contemplated writing, this conference would be a great place to help you make that first leap of faith. Or, if not this conference, then one of the many that take place all over the country. It would be money and time well spent.

Speaking of time, I think I should probably pay more attention to mine and get to writing. I hope your Spring is fabulous! Adieu!



Everyday at school, I write a crazy law on the board. And, every once in a while, I study the law and wonder…WHY???

Once upon a time in history…

In Indiana, it is illegal to intentionally swallow a lighter.

Why….why was that a law? What in the world happened that they felt compelled to make that a law? Was is some strange, crazy teenage fad that swept through communities, forcing parents to rush their idiotic teenagers to the ER? Or, was it one kid, one time, and the mayor of one town decided to make it the law? Though I will never know the story behind this, I am forever amazed at the craziness in our country.

On a lighter note (ha! pun intended), my newest book in the Decoders series (The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire) is out on Kindle and will hopefully be available soon in paperback form as well.

I am getting excited about the Las Vegas Writers’ Conference in April. Looking forward to mingling with fellow authors as well as publishers and editors.

Well…laundry and writing await. Ciao for now.