Book Signing

Howdy all!

I sure hope the summer has been amazing so far and you are enjoying it as much as you possibly can. How was your Fourth of July? Mine was great. I spent the day with family…bar-b-que, s’mores, and some local fireworks made for a pretty great day (and night).

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Whew. Now that we’ve got that straightened away, let’s continue. This month is children’s fiction month at our amazing local indie bookstore, The Writer’s Block. On Saturday, July 25th, the bookstore is holding an author signing for us local children’s authors. This Author Showcase is from 5:00-7:30pm. Here’s the link to the event so you can check out what I’m talking about.

I sure would love to see you all there. I will be selling all of my Decoders books, including the latest release, The Secret of the Mysterious Music Box. Please come down, even if it’s just to say hi, and join us for a fabulous meet and greet.

And, if you’ve never been to The Writer’s Block, then you are in for a treat. It is THE coolest bookstore in Vegas.

Well, summer and the sun beckon me. Hope to see you all soon. Enjoy the day! :)



Stolen Nazi Gold?

Howdy all!

Well, the Decoders have found themselves a new mystery. In The Secret of the Mysterious Music Box, Steve, Matt, and Jenny are hired to track down a stolen music box. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! As their investigation deepens, they discover a connection between the music box and a fortune in stolen Nazi gold. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones that have made the connection. Uh-oh.

The newest book in the Decoders series is now available for purchase on Kindle, Nook, or in paperback.

Aside from the release of the Mysterious Music Box, the other exciting news is that school is now out and it is SUMMER!!!! I’m a very happy camper. The goal is to get through the first draft of the next book by the end of June. I’ll keep you posted on that for sure. The other goal is to sleep in. Yeah, I’m going to work extra hard on that one. 😉

I hope the summer brings you much rest and time for some good summer reading. I just went to my favorite bookstore (The Writer’s Block) today and got my first summer read. In fact, I think I’m going to go get a jump on it right now.

Until we meet again…. adios!


New Book to Arrive May 28th

Howdy all!

Yep, you saw it right. May 28th is the day! After a year of waiting, the newest Decoders book is finally ready to hit the shelves. The Secret of the Mysterious Music Box will be available for purchase, in paperback and electronic form, at the end of the month.

I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it…

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On a completely unrelated note, weather in Vegas is completely insane right now. After about a week in the mid-90s (pretty typical for May), we had a random high of 63 degrees yesterday. 63?? It felt like the middle of winter. In May. Sooo weird.

On yet another completely unrelated note, school is winding down! That means lots of time for summer reading. What’s on your summer reading list this year? Let me know. I’d love to hear what you all are reading these days. And, I need some suggestions for my own reading list.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tell your mom how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. And, do something nice and completely unexpected for her, too, like doing all the dishes, all day long (that includes the random glass of milk you get in the middle of the afternoon).

And, finally, don’t forget to honor our fallen soldiers. May 25th is Memorial Day. Remember to take a moment and give thanks to all those who gave up their lives so you can live yours in freedom.

Have a great day. Talk later. Ciao.

Las Vegas Writer’s Conference


Howdy all!

The Las Vegas Writer’s Conference was absolutely fabulous! I met a bunch of very cool authors, agents, editors, bloggers, etc., from all over the US. In addition to the incredible socializing, I also learned some cool things, too. No matter how much you think you know, you can always learn so much more. In addition to all that, I won a Starbucks gift basket. Hoot Hoot! Yay me! #Starbucks

Speaking of Starbucks (which I very much enjoy doing, btw), their Happy Hour Frappuccinos start this Friday. Did you get that? HALF-PRICE FRAPPUCCINOS!!!  May 1-10, 2015, 3-5pm. #StarbucksHappyHour

And moving on to even better news (I know, hard to top the half-price frappuccinos), MY BOOK IS READY!!! I am sooooooo excited, I can’t even begin to tell you. The Decoders, Book 4, is ready. Oh yeah, baby! The Secret of the Mysterious Music Box hits shelves on May 28th. That’s the official launch date. Write it down, put it in your phone, tattoo it on your forehead, whatever you need to do, but remember that date.

Keep you updated. Toodles.


Happy Easter!


As Easter weekend approaches, I just want to wish you all a wonderful Easter. Enjoy your time at church as well as with family and friends.

On a completely unrelated note, my new book is now in the hands of my editor. Keep you posted.


Author Showcase fun!

Hello all!

For those of you who missed it, the Author Showcase at the Paseo Verde Library was a huge success! Over 70 local authors turned out (including myself) to meet and greet the public. I met some amazing people from right next door to as far away as Iran! There was food, books, and a whole lot of mingling. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by, no worries…they plan to hold the event every year. We’ll catch up next year! :)

Author Showcase 2015

Author Showcase

Howdy all!

If you’re in Vegas next Saturday (March 28), you should come check out the Author Showcase at the Paseo Verde Library. It’s going to be EPIC!

Not only will you get to meet and greet over 70 local authors (myself included), but you get to hear some amazing speakers, including former Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman. It’s going to be a great time.

I will be there from 1-3 selling and signing books. Please stop by and say hi. I love to see you!


New Children’s Magazine Debuts May, 2015


There’s a new bi-monthly children’s magazine debuting in May. It’s called Soap Stone Creek Literary Journal and guess who has a short story in the debut magazine? Well, if you guessed me, then…you’re correct! :)

Exciting, yes? I think so. The next couple months have several exciting things in the forecast. This month, I should finish my edits of my newest Decoders book (finally, I know). I hope to get the final product into the hands of my editor by early April. Also in April, my writer’s group is hosting the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference here in Las Vegas. The conference is always a great time with lots of great sessions to attend and a whole slew of interesting people to meet. Then, in May, the Soap Stone Creek Literary Journal debuts, and…hopefully…my new Decoders book hits the market.

*Whew* That’s a busy few months. I hope you all are keeping yourselves busy and out of trouble as well. For my readers in the Northeast, bundle up and stay warm. For my fellow Southwestern peeps, enjoy the sun and warmth.

Speaking of sun and warmth, I think it is time to go bask in the glorious Saturday afternoon heat whilst working on the final edits.

Until next time…toodles.


Soaking in the Vitamin D

Hello all!

I love Vegas! It is February 7th and I have been basking in the sun all day. It is so beautiful out. The sun is shining and a slight breeze warms the skin. I would like for it to be like this for the next two months.

My heart goes out to all of you in both the North East and the North West. I know the weather hasn’t exactly been your friend lately. I am sending you all many warm hugs to keep you warm and dry.

As far as writing goes, I had planned on spending the day editing. But…it was just so beautiful outside. *sigh* I know I am falling behind, but I can’t resist the sun. It is like a beacon to me. It calls and I must answer.

No worries. I shall get some editing done yet. The night is young!

So…I should probably go. The bar-b-cue is calling my name. Then…to edit! I promise.


First edit done!!!

Finally! I have finished the first edit of my latest Decoders book. This first edit seriously took two months. Hopefully, the next edit will be quicker. The greatest part of the first edit was realizing how much some characters changed as I wrote the book. The best example being Hans Schultz (German) who later in the book became Saul Mendoza (Mexican). haha

On a more serious note, I feel for all my North Eastern friends and the crazy weather they are experiencing, especially in Massachusetts. I’m sending you all warm vibes from Vegas. Please stay warm and be extra carefully if you must drive.

I can’t believe tomorrow is February 1st already. Where is 2015 going to? I feel like time is just flying by. Anybody with me on that? Holy smokes!

Well, my back aches from sitting on the sofa for so many hours. Time for me to get up and get moving. So, until next time. Ciao!