Sleepwalking Vampire now in paperback!

Howdy all!

Great news! The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire is now available in paperback. Hoot Hoot! It can be ordered online at or at

Or, if you prefer, it can also be downloaded to your Kindle or Kindle app from here

Ah…Spring is upon us. Granted, the weather’s been a bit odd. I was in Washington, DC, last week and it was soooo cold. I left Vegas and it was 75 degrees. I get to Washington, and it’s like 30 degrees and snowing. It was supposed to be cherry blossom time!! :(   Then, I come back to Vegas, and the weather drops here to like a high of 61, windy, and overcast. Is it me? Am I dragging a dark cloud of gloom around with me? Oh dear. That must be taken care of. Perhaps a nice Caramel Flan Frappuccino will solve it. Yes…yes, I believe that is the solution.

The Las Vegas Writers’ Conference is quickly approaching and I am excited for the opportunity to learn and mingle with some amazing authors, editors, and publishers. It is always a great time. I get energized every year. If you’ve ever contemplated writing, this conference would be a great place to help you make that first leap of faith. Or, if not this conference, then one of the many that take place all over the country. It would be money and time well spent.

Speaking of time, I think I should probably pay more attention to mine and get to writing. I hope your Spring is fabulous! Adieu!



Everyday at school, I write a crazy law on the board. And, every once in a while, I study the law and wonder…WHY???

Once upon a time in history…

In Indiana, it is illegal to intentionally swallow a lighter.

Why….why was that a law? What in the world happened that they felt compelled to make that a law? Was is some strange, crazy teenage fad that swept through communities, forcing parents to rush their idiotic teenagers to the ER? Or, was it one kid, one time, and the mayor of one town decided to make it the law? Though I will never know the story behind this, I am forever amazed at the craziness in our country.

On a lighter note (ha! pun intended), my newest book in the Decoders series (The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire) is out on Kindle and will hopefully be available soon in paperback form as well.

I am getting excited about the Las Vegas Writers’ Conference in April. Looking forward to mingling with fellow authors as well as publishers and editors.

Well…laundry and writing await. Ciao for now.



Hello world!!

So, in honor of the release of my newest book, I am giving away (literally, GIVING, with my whole heart) the first book in the Decoders series for FREE for the next five days. That’s right, folks. You, too, can be the proud owner of The Magic Sapphire for the all-time low cost of…FREE! :)

And on that note…The newest book in the series, The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire, went live on Kindle TODAY!!! …for the low price of $2.99. Yep, you heard (or read, actually) me right, for just a measly $2.99 you could be the owner of this fine new mystery.

Hm. If you really think about it, for the low, low price of $2.99, you can actually be the owner of TWO cool mysteries (you know, since one is actually free today). But, you must hurry. This amazing deal will not last long!

Saturday, March 8th

That’s the date. Saturday, March 8th, 2014.

The Case of the Sleepwalking Vampire hits Kindle in TWO DAYS!! I’m soooo excited! Book cover is done and I am ready to go, baby.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Decoders, this makes the third book in the series. How cool is that? I’m shooting for 200, so I’m getting closer. ;)

On a totally unrelated and random note, here’s a crazy law. I’m just in that kind of mood.

Once upon a time in history…..

In Sarasota, Florida, it is illegal to sing while wearing a bathing suit.

Does this mean they don’t have beaches in Sarasota? And, if they do, do the police patrol looking for lawbreakers? And, if they catch those singing felons, do they go to jail? Is it also illegal to sing in jail? Oh…so many questions I shall probably never have answered. (Unless, someone out there is from Sarasota and can help me out?)

Well…I’ve much to do before Saturday. Toodles, and Happy Thursday.

Book is DONE!! Now…for the cover.

Woo HOO!!!!

The Case of the Sleeping Vampire is DONE!!!! Got it back from my editor, now it’s ready to go. All I need is the cover. So…that’s the goal for the week…come up with a cool cover to match the cool book. :)

Now if I could just finish book two for the JJ Bennett series, I would be such a happy camper. But, alas. That book is dragging. My fault. I’m slacking. I need some encouragement. Chocolate maybe? Or, perhaps an iced white chocolate mocha. Ooh…that sounds good.

Wait. First, the cover. I want to get this book out there and in the hands of my dedicated fans. Love you guys! XOXOXOXOXO Going to work now. Adios, amigos!!

Editing almost done!!


First of all, seriously, it was in the mid-70s today. Sunny and BEAUTIFUL outside. I feel a tad guilty enjoying this weather as my fellow Americans on the east coast are being slammed with another winter storm.  I absorbed the sun for about two hours today. Feel free to live vicariously through me. *sigh*

Now, more importantly, I am finishing editing book 3 of the Decoders series. At last…it shall be done! The goal is to finish tomorrow, send it off to my beta readers, and have it sent to my editor within a couple of weeks. Soooo excited! I feel as though I’ve been slacking a bit on this, bit it is finally coming together. Now to work on the cover.

I love the Olympics. Although, is it just me, or do they have some strange sports now? I don’t remember some of these events from my younger years. Am I going senile or are they adding some very…interesting events to the line-up? Senile, you say? Ah, alas. I fear you are right. Meh. At least I can say I’ve had a caramel flan frappachino. :)

Until next time. Ciao. And…happy February.

New Laptop, Windows 8…yikes!


So, my laptop started dying on me and I decided to get a new one. Oh, boy, is it super cool! But…what the heck is up with this Windows 8 thing? They say it takes some getting used to, and, by golly, I think they are right. The first time I turned it on, I had no idea where the start menu was, then, once I found it, I couldn’t figure out how to shut the thing down.

*sigh* I suppose I’ll get used to it. Change is scary, but, I am a strong human being. I can handle it.

Oh, and since it doesn’t come with Microsoft Office, I have to wait to work on editing my newest book until I get it downloaded this week. I thought about using my old laptop to work on my book, but, apparently, it’s mad at me because it refuses to turn on. Bah. Such is life. Guess I’ll just have to relax and watch some TV. Shucks.

If I haven’t killed my new laptop, I shall address you all at a future time. Adios.

I am so not a winter person.

Ah, winter is upon us. I wish to take a moment and send warm thoughts to everyone in the Mid West and East Coast. I cannot even imagine living in the cold. Not even a little bit. Brrrr. Just the thought sends chills down my spine. I am a desert rat. Born and raised in Las Vegas, and I LOVE it. I need a long-sleeve t-shirt when it hits 60 and a jacket when it hits 50.

Yet, I have no issues with 100 degrees. That’s not even really hot. When it gets to about 115, yeah…that’s when I start to fan myself and grumble. Unless…a storm rolls in and brings the humidity. Then…ugh! Ack! Blah! THEN…the heat is gross. But, only then.

So, those of you in Maine may want to take advantage in the break in precipitation, to ponder this old law….

In Maine, you will be charged a fine after January 14th, if your Christmas decorations are still up.

Oh, dear. I can think of some years when I would’ve been charged a serious fine for how long I left my decorations up. SERIOUS fine. Maybe I shouldn’t mention things like that. You might start to lose respect for me. *sigh* But, alas, I am a procrastinator. Don’t hate me.

I am still in the process of editing book 3 of the Decoders series. It’s been a bit slow this month because it is the end of the semester at school and I’ve had a bit of grading and semester exams to prepare for. Again, my procrastination. Could have done all this earlier. Whatever.

Now, I must leave you. Until next time. Take care and stay warm. Adios, amigos.

Lady Ghost now on BN online!

Hi all!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and full of fun (or funny) events that will survive as fond memories.

Great news! The Secret of the Lady Ghost is now available on Barnes and Noble online! If you were debating on what to get with that Barnes and Noble gift card you got for Christmas, the solution has now presented itself. :)

And, since it has been a while since I have posted a strange law, here you go.

Once upon a time in history…

In Louisiana, biting someone with your natural teeth is “simple assault,” but biting someone with false teeth is considered “aggrevated assault.”

Hm. I suppose we all better be a little nicer to our grandparents. We wouldn’t want those dentures to come after us!

If I don’t talk to you beforehand, have a great and safe New Year!